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Encanto! It is time for a fiesta!

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Bright colors, diverse characters, and the catchiest song in Disney history. We predict Encanto is going to be the replacement for Frozen themed birthday parties this year.

We Don’t talk About Bruno has claimed the top spot on the Billboard 100 charts and at the time of this writing it has been there for 5 weeks! Frozen only ever made it to number 5.

Here are some of the basics if you haven’t watched the movie yet...

Encanto explores the funny but flawed family dynamic of the Madrigal clan through the eyes of young Mirabel. Disappointed that she hasn't been given a supernatural gift like everyone else when she came of age she eventually finds she doesn't need special powers to restore the magic to her family. Anyone who has ever felt left out will see themselves as Mirabel, and anyone who has a family will recognize or identify with someone in the story. The simple but powerful message of this movie is people are worthy of love because of who they are, not what they do.


There is so much visual beauty from this movie to inspire your next celebration.

I have put together a Pinterest board and Spotify playlist to get you started.

Key Elements:

  • Yellow Butterflies

  • The Madrigal Candle

  • Bright Flowers

  • Fiesta Decorations

  • Floral Crowns

  • Anything Bruno!


We have created offerings for every age group, event type and budget.

We have New Face Paint Designs, Glitter Tattoo choices and paint party ideas to make your event magical!


If you are looking for a cake The Duchess of Desserts is the Queen – reach out to her early because she books up quickly.


  • A favorite Colombian food arepas, are easy to serve, think of a quesadilla only heartier and made with a white corn batter. They also make great sandwiches. I’ve seen them at Costco so no worries about learning how to make them from scratch.

  • Baby corn on the cob, chicken on a stick, plantain chips and empanadas are all good foods for small hands.

  • If you are thinking food truck, Wanna Empanada is owned by a local Westchester family and they have an amazing menu.

Send us a message to set up a phone consult for your next fiesta!

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