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Margie Nugent

Meet Margie

Margie Nugent established Making Faces Parties in 2009 when her weekend hobby turned into the adventure of a lifetime. Whether face painting for a young superheroes and mermaids, creating henna designs for a ladies’ group, or belly bump painting for an expectant mom at her baby shower, Margie’s out-of-the-box approach to body art, has placed her in high demand throughout the Tri-State area, not only as an exceptional artist but as an experienced teacher. When she is not at your event making it fabulous, just follow the glitter trail to find Margie training other face and body artists nationwide. Locally, she  inspires and instructs through hands-on workshops at the community library.

As a child, Margie dreamed of running away to join the circus. Now, with paintbrush in hand, she brings that dream to life for herself and for the children with whom she connects through her live art. As she transforms boys and girls (and some grown-ups) into monsters, fairies, wild animals, or princesses, Margie brings fantasy into an otherwise “regular” world. As the mother of two boys, Margie knows the joys of imagination, but she is also very serious and uncompromising about the importance of using only the healthiest and safest products in her work. Always excited by new challenges, Margie is looking forward to turning each of your requests into unique artwork that will leave children delighted, adults elated, and your party the talk of the neighborhood.

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